Rental and Utility Assistance

Landlords and tenants can apply for rental assistance. To apply, the landlord needs signed approval from the renter. The renter can apply without the participation of the landlord, but the process is faster if the landlord participates.

SAFHR: Anywhere in Missouri

There is a statewide rental and utility assistance program in Missouri called SAFHR that can provide up to 12 months of assistance (and up to 15 months in some situations). 

You can also apply for up to 3 months of future rent whether or not you owe rent if you're at risk of falling behind. (Right now, SAFHR is temporarily unable to make future rent payments past September 2022. Additional future months will open soon.)

To be eligible, you must have been impacted by COVID-19 in some way - such as having lost work, having someone in your family contract COVID-19, or facing increased costs - and meet the income requirements, which you can look up here. For example, in St. Louis, a single person can make up to $53,150, and a family of four can make up to $75,900.

Processing time is about 6 weeks, but applicants receive approval usually within about 14 days of applying.

FORWARD: St. Louis City and County

UPDATE: The FORWARD Rental Assistance Application cannot guarantee funds will be available for anyone applying after August 24. The application will close on September 1, 2022.

If you applied after August 24, you should consider applying to SAFHR above.

In St. Louis City and County, you can apply for the local FORWARD program. You can currently receive up to 18 months of assistance, including 3 months of future rent.

FORWARD can also provide move-in assistance, like security deposit and first month's rent, for renters who have a signed lease.

Eligibility is the same as for the SAFHR program: some COVID-19 impact and income (a single person can make up to $53,150, and a family of four can make up to $75,900).

FORWARD is a program managed by Live Stories, and their staff will sometimes call, email, or text. You can contact them at and at 1-855-582-3973.

Processing time is 2-4 weeks.

Free Mediations in St. Louis

If you live in St. Louis, we provide free help to tenants and landlords trying to reach an agreement. We can also assist you with finding rental and utility assistance.

Our mediations can be significantly faster and much more cost effective than filing cases in court.

Finding an Attorney

If the parties are unwilling to try to reach an agreement, they can go to court. The party filing the lawsuit will have to pay a filing fee and arrange for service.

Landlords and renters can hire private attorneys. Renters who cannot afford an attorney can reach out to legal aid organizations.

Find a private attorney

Contact a legal aid group

Affordable Housing

If you need help finding affordable housing, especially places that accept housing vouchers, allows you to search by zip code and view available units on a map.

Utility Assistance

You can apply for utility assistance through the rental assistance programs on this page. You can also apply for help at these organizations:

St. Louis County

St. Louis City

Mortgage Assistance

The statewide SAFHR for Homeowners program can provide mortgage assistance. 

Mental Health

Facing eviction and financial challenges is an extremely stressful situation. Beyond seeking assistance from the programs above, talking about your circumstances with a professional can be very helpful for your mental health. You can call Behavioral Health Resources (BHR) 24/7 for crisis support and counseling at 1-800-811-4760.